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About Alumni

CMR Engineering College Alumni is a Network of Alumni to connect, collaborate and promote quality Education, Entrepreneurship and Employment.


Alumni Objectives

CMREC Alumni endeavors to bring best of Quality Education with Entrepreneurship. It shall collaborate and communicate using the best of technology to Impart Professional Training through participation. It creates an environment to Guide the students with their forward looking ideas thus Promoting Entrepreneurship.

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To be recognized as a premier institution in offering value based and futuristic quality technical education to meet the technological needs of the society


  • To impart value based quality technical education through innovative teaching and learning methods
  • To continuously produce employable technical graduates with advanced technical skills to meet the current and future technological needs of the society
  • To prepare the graduates for higher learning with emphasis on academic and industrial research

Welcome Dear Alumni

We believe that your relationship with CMREC is a lifelong experience. Your years at CMR Engineering College gave you so much that you still retain: knowledge, growth, friends, wisdom, and laughter -- all these elements helped shape your life.


Your Alumni Association and Office of Alumni Relations strive to maintain good communication and to find creative ways of bringing alumni together, as well as keeping you informed of opportunities to invest in your alma mater. The theme for Homecoming was: “Go Global - Stay Connected”. It is a theme that we will use for many years, because it integrates the mission of the College and the Alumni Association. As our alumni scatter across the world to serve as educators, business leaders, computer professionals, musicians, and in countless other fields of endeavor, we want to stay connected with you and we know you want to stay connected with your peers. This website exists to help make that happen.


Please visit this website often